Far Cry New Dawn has a sad Boomer Easter egg

Boomer the dog, the best boy in Far Cry 5, is the first and unquestionably best animal companion in the whole dang game. Sadly, the nuclear assault that led to Far Cry New Dawn - not to mention, you know, the years that went by - proved to be much too much for him, so Boomer isn't around in the sequel. However, Boomer lives on through a somber and little-known Far Cry New Dawn Easter egg. 

Deep in Fang Centre - and isn't that fitting - in the southwestern region of the map, you'll find a church. Under this church is a tunnel, and in the back of this tunnel is a conspicuous gravestone with a bit of wood on it. If you shoot or otherwise destroy the wood, you'll see that this is in fact Boomer's final resting place. Rest in peace, goodest of boys. You will be missed. 

It's nice to see this little nod to Boomer, because on the whole, Far Cry New Dawn is not kind to dogs. As our editor Sam explained in this passionate write-up, the baddies in New Dawn not only eat dogs, they also strap explosives to them and send them in as suicide bombers, and that's not even the worst part. At least Boomer didn't live to see all this blatant dog violence. 

On the upside, Boomer's torch has been passed to Timber, a new canine companion available in New Dawn. Here's how to unlock Timber the Akita, for those interested. If you're more of a giant lovable boar person, here's how to unlock Horatio the boar

Would you believe this is the second sad dog Easter egg this week? One Apex Legends designer included a subtle nod to his late dog Shadie.  

Austin Wood

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