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Far Cry 2 pegged for autumn

Far Cry 2 is set to release this autumn, says Ubisoft.

Originally the publisher had pegged the PC version for spring, but changed the date to a very general April '08-March '09 when PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were confirmed.

But we've narrowed that down a bit.

Far Cry 2's not only technically ambitious on a graphical level but also in the way the storyline is being presented. Creative director Clint Hocking explains:

"The game's story is non-linear, dynamic, and procedurally assembled using a simple drama-management engine to populate the story with key characters, and facilitate the convergence of the story toward major climactic events.

"Simply stated, neither the world, nor the story, could be called 'linear' in any imaginable sense. The experience of the game is entirely driven by the player, with the game evaluating the player's actions and choices and serving content that puts the player's actions into a context that resonates with the themes of the game."

The sequel features a 50sq/km open world and drops the player in the middle of a failed African state, still in chaos after a recent conflict. You've been sent there to take out a weapons dealer who is arming both sides involved in the conflict.

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Courtesy of CVG

Mar 26, 2008