Fantasy news roundup

While the other main people behind Spaced (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright) have been off making friends with Tom Cruise, fighting zombies and playing cops and robbers, fellow alumnus Jessica Stevenson has been quieter, plugging away at her own projects and appearing in films such as Confetti.

But despite a brief cameo in Shaun Of The Dead and some work in the Bridget Jones films, she hasn’t been in a really big movie. All that will change now that she’s been cast in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

It’s only a small role – she’s signed on as officious Improper Use Of Magic Office witch Mafalda Hopkirk, but it’s still in what will be one of the bigger films of next year.

Also in the realm of fantasy, we’ve looked into our magic mirror and seen the poster for Eragon. Now, we know it’s completely unrelated, but does anyone see a picture of Jeremy Irons with a scaly, winged creature and have nasty flashbacks to the awful Dungeons And Dragons. It’s not just us, right?

Still Dungeons And… Sorry… Eragon arrives in cinemas on 15 December, while we’ll have to wait until next July for The Order Of The Phoenix.