Fancy being in the next Potter movie?

Now here's a once in a lifetime opportunity. The producers of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (or Boy Wizard Part VI, if you prefer) have put out an open casting call for two parts in the latest movie to join the unstoppable Potter franchise. If you're aged between 15 and 18 and resident in the UK or Ireland, you could be in with a chance of playing Ron Weasley's new love interest Lavender Brown, or Tom Riddle (which, if you've read the books, you'll know is a character with a bit of interesting background).

So how do you get the chance to step out on camera along with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and the British acting establihment? You just need to turn up at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre on Sunday 1 July (for wannabe Lavender Browns) or Sunday 8 July (for potential Tom Riddles) to strut yourself in front of the Potter casting bods. Apparently no previous experience is required - you just need to be the right gender for the relevant role and be aged between 15 and 18. Applications kick off at 10am (no queueing will be allowed before 8am), and the queues will close at 1pm. And don't forget your passport - they'll want you to prove your age and nationality.

Here's all you need to know about Lavender, direct from the casting peeps:
"Lavender is a pretty and lively girl who loves to be the centre of attention. She is determined to make Ron her boyfriend and when she gets him, she is then deeply possessive of him. She reacts in an extreme way to everything. She tends to be either laughing or crying hysterically."

And the skinny on Tom Riddle:
"He is a boy that other kids want to be friends with. He is a leader and other children want to be around him. He is not a warm boy but he is very charismatic. Both staff and children are probably all a little scared of him."

All that remains is for us to wish all you wannabe Lavenders and Toms good luck. Or as they say in the biz, break a leg!

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