Famke Janssen responds to Wolverine rumours

X-Men: Days Of Future Past has cast several names from the previous films in its time-jumping narrative, though one famous face yet to sign up is Famke Janssen.

And that’s not the only X-Men movie in production. The Wolverine is getting its claws out for a standalone sequel (set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand ).

In Total Film magazine issue 204, we catch up with Janssen - who played telekinetic X-woman Jean Grey in the franchise's first three installments - and we asked her to address the rumours surrounding a cameo in The Wolverine ...

“I heard! I’m very excited about those rumours [ laughs ]. After a three-year hiatus and not being able to work because I was developing my own movie, any roles are welcome. So I hope X-Men 10 comes around, with Jean Grey in a wheelchair.”

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