A collection of every major Fallout game spanning 27 years of the RPG - complete with a replica mini-nuke - launches this Spring, but only on PC

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A "complete collection" of Fallout titles is releasing this Spring in one cohesive package, boasting seven games in a collection that spans more than 20 years.

Announced earlier today, the Fallout SPECIAL Anthology includes all seven mainline Fallout games, and is set to launch on April 11. With a collection inspired by the perk cards that Fallout 76 players will be familiar with, buyers will be granted seven game codes featuring Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, the Ultimate or Game of the Year Editions of Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and New Vegas, and Fallout 76

Those seven cards SPECIAL cards and their seven corresponding game codes will be stored in a replica Mini-Nuke that comes complete with an explosive sound effect, and depict Vault Boy performing skills related to each of the attributes that helps chape your character throughout the RPG series. While perk cards might be specific to Fallout 76, the SPECIAL attributes have been a core part of the game's systems for many years now.

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Bethesda says it's launching the collection to coincide with the release of the Fallout TV show, which will air on Amazon Prime from April12. Funnily enough, the company also just pulled a giveaway of some of the original Fallout games over on the Epic Games Store, implying that this announcement might have come in pretty hot.

Pre-orders are available now, but there's currently no word on pricing, at least within that announcement. I'm pretty sure all of these games are available for purchase, so there's a chance that you'd be able to snag them all for cheaper than Bethesda's price if you were prepared to put in some relatively patient savvy shopping, but you certainly wouldn't get a replica nuke to store those games in, which will likely make this an appealing collector's item.

Basically any one of these games could fit on our list of the best RPG games.

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