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Fallout Shelter gets an Android version, robot pals, and deathclaws on August 13

Fallout Shelter will finally release on Android on August 13, bringing along with a Mr. Handy helper robot to aid in your Vault Overseer duties. Bethesda announced the release date and new details at its attendee-exclusive QuakeCon 2015 Fallout 4 presentation.

The new Mr. Handy character will serve as your assistant around the Vault, automatically gathering resources or exploring the Wasteland if you choose to send him out (the many-tentacled robot will have its own dialogue, naturally). You'll also have to deal with deathclaws and mutant mole rats making trouble in your vault - no more just squashing radroaches all day.

Don't worry if you already have a bustling vault on your iPhone or iPad; iOS users will receive all these new additions in an update the very same day.

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