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Make your own Fallout Power Armor helmet (fusion core not required)

Warning: this T-45d Power Armor helmet may not actually filter out radiation or resist high-caliber weaponry. On the plus side, you won't need a fusion core to pop it on your noggin and impress all your friends who love Fallout 4 and/or scare the neighborhood kids who will henceforth refer to you as "Angry Buckethead." Like most 3D printing projects, some assembly is required; it actually comes in 49 different pieces, but you can see creator Daniel Lilygreen wearing the finished product in the gallery above.

In terms of the Fallout timeline, the T-45d series was created years before the Great War by the US military and is standard issue for the Brotherhood of Steel, making it one of the most common Power Armor variants found across North America. It doesn't have the art deco trim of the T-60 line or the creepy, insectoid flare of the X-01, but it is a whole lot safer than running around the wasteland in a leather jacket with the sleeve torn off. Don't forget to print out a Pipe Pistol if you want an extra incongruous loadout.

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