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Fallout: New Vegas snow globe guide

For this globe, as well as the next few, you’re going to need to make your way to New Vegas. Enter via the Freeside East or North gate (East is easier to reach, North is closer to the target) and look for the building that looks… well like an old fort. If you don’t know what that looks like it’s a square shaped building made out of brick with a flag flying overhead. It stands out.

Above: Fort Mormon looks kind of like this. Well, uh, exactly like this.

Once you find the fort enter through the large wooden gate and look to the southeast wall. Here you will see a tower with a door you can enter. Go on inside and head up the stairs to find Julie Farkas’ room. On top of a bookcase on the southeast wall is your snow globe.

Above: Wait! If you take this snow globe who will stay behind to support its many wives?

Getting this snow globe simply requires you to head down into the Vault 21 Hotel near the southern end of the New Vegas Strip. You will have to head into the gift shop and use the door at the back to go down into the Vault itself. Take a left when you reach the recreation room with the guests hanging out and go through the door there into the hallway. Continue straight ahead and go to the second door on your left hand side. This is Sara’s locked bedroom – simply pick the lock and get the snow globe off the bed side table between the two beds.

Above: Go ahead and steal that snowglobe you dastardly cad

For this globe you’re going to need to get into the Lucky 38 Casino. So long as you haven’t destroyed Victor he will inform you that Mr. House wants to speak with you when you arrive in on The Strip so that’s your way in. Once inside go speak to Mr. House and agree to help him out with his quest.

Now speak to Victor again to gain access to the Presidential Suite and, more importantly, the Cocktail Lounge. Step inside, walk to the right behind the counter until you see the second cash register. Behind the register is the snow globe.

Above: Only a true Achievement/Trophy hound would ignore free booze and a cash register for a collectible bauble

Hoooo-boy, this is a doozy. When you try to approach the base artillery will begin to rain down from the heavens to try turning you into a gooey smear. This can be approached in a number of ways but almost all of them involve running like a little girl, hiding from some of the bombardments and then getting to the base. Once you reach the gate they’ll stop firing but the trick is getting there.

What feels like the easiest way to do this is to hug the rock wall on your left and move as fast as possible. There are a few spots you can hunker down in and wait out the bombardment. Your followers will get blown to ribbons so don’t let them follow you here, leave them up the road. Simply wait until a bombardment stops before moving forward to the next safe spot. By simply continuing to the northwest you can reach the gate rather quickly.

After speaking to Mother Pearl you can finally explore this place. We need to head to Nellis Boomer Museum which is located just to the right of the door, sitting on a table out in the open. It’s really more about making it here in the first place.

Above: your reward for surviving an artillery bombardment? Another snowglobe