Fallout Miami megamod shows off factions, weapons, and more in new update

Fallout 4 megamod Fallout Miami update reveals it is "close to final" in some areas but still has a lot of work ahead of it. 

The mod development team recently released a new update video (and blog post) to give followers some idea of where the project stands. Project creative director K. Constantine stressed that it's "not easy to give a good answer" to questions like "what percentage of the mod is done" or "when is it coming out," so instead of a release window, this update focuses on specific portions of the mod and how they're coming along.

For example, "the exterior world space is fully explorable and plenty of areas are close to final," explains contributor Ezra Wayne, who swiftly adds that "it's something we'll be working on for a while still." The video update shows off several indoor and outdoor environments including a post office recreated with the help of on-location photos, a floating maze of overturned yachts and ruined docks, and of course the wreckage of a sprawling coastal city, complete with palm tree-spotted beaches. 

Fallout Miami is essentially a DLC-sized story complete with its own two-act quest. "Since the last development update we've completed the design documents for the whole first act," the mod team says, and "a bunch of those act one quests already have their dialogue written and edited." 

The mod's two main acts are split into four paths tied to different factions of the university hierarchy at the heart of the Florida city. These factions follow their own leaders and collectively oversee the Dreamers, a "college animal house self-dissociative family of escaped slaves and dejected wastelanders." Tau Alpha is a gang of warriors, the Lambda Alpha sorority is led by the "self-proclaimed Bitch Queen", Zeta Delta picks through the wreckage after fights, and the scouts of Kappa Epsilon keep an eye on the Vacation Wasteland.

Fallout Miami

(Image credit: Fallout Miami Development Team)

Fallout Miami has long promised "the return of player choice" through more nuanced customization and dialogue, faction implications, and plentiful attribute checks, but it's not above some good old-fashioned spectacle in the form of amped-up energy weapons – a Fallout mod staple. This update video gives a peek at the upgraded energy pistols, rifles, and plasma throwers you'll get to wield as you fight in the name of your chosen faction, decimate legions of coconut masked bandits who "thirst for destruction", and explore Miami. This mod's been in the works since late 2016 and still doesn't have a final release date, but with every update it looks even more worth the wait. 

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