Fallout 76 player-made Math Room burns victims alive if they slept through Algebra

Math Camp is a new player-made trap in Fallout 76 where you need to do math to save your life. 

It's become common for Fallout 76 players to build "trap camps" for unsuspecting players to wander into and subsequently burn to death. Redditor Vault101manguy found the practice amusing but noted a distinct lack of "sport" when there's no way for the victim to escape alive. Thus, Math Camp was born.

The creator makes clear they weren't interested in making a more humane trap camp with Math Camp, but rather one that gives the creator the pleasure of watching victims frantically think for their lives. "Corpses may burn but nothing burns brighter than the hope of survival," Vault101manguy writes.

Here's how it works: Unfortunate wastelanders stumble into a building that looks like a school. Inside, they see all the familiar trappings of a backcountry school classroom - desks, lockers, bookshelves, and instructions for survival carved into the walls. Now locked inside behind a mechanical door, the dupe has just a few moments to take in the information before the creator triggers a switch that fills the room with fire. 

As the flames begin to lick at their feet, their only hope to escape their numerical nightmare is to "keep calm" and solve the following problem: 230*10+2. Entering the answer into a keypad opens the door to safety, and failure means they burn. It's sadistic, genius, and reminds me of a nightmare I've had a few times about being forced to return to high school.

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Jordan Gerblick

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