Fallout 76 intro cinematic shows you the beginning and end of Vault 76

We still have a few months to wait before we can start exploring Fallout 76 ourselves, but at least we can watch the intro cinematic and prepare for our sacred duty as the first survivors to emerge from nuclear devastation. Bethesda has published the full, official in-game intro for Fallout 76, featuring the series hallmark voiceover from Ron Perlman. Turns out war still doesn't change, FYI.

The cinematic starts with a televised recording of the opening of Vault 76, then it skips through a few slow-motion scenes of Vault Dwellers preparing to leave their home after decades of seclusion. Fun fact: starting off with a close-up of an antique TV screen then panning back to reveal that we're actually looking at a scene in the far future is a callback to the intro cinematic for the original Fallout. I'm still not sure where that old Radiation King was getting electricity from, or how it had anything to play, but it remains haunting and iconic regardless.

There isn't anything too revelatory here, but I do like the little scenes of a doctor showing how Pip-Boys work ("You mean I have to keep this giant thing strapped to my arm FOREVER?") and the little C.A.M.P. kiosk. The Fallout 76 video ends with a quick update confirming when the Fallout 76 beta will begin: Xbox players can zip up their blue-and-yellow Vault suits on October 23 while PC and PS4 will follow on October 30 - click that link for more details about how the beta will work.

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Connor Sheridan

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