The Fallout 76 beta will be the full game and let you transfer your progress, according to Bethesda's plans

The Fallout 76 beta will be your shot to start rebuilding post-nuclear West Virginia ahead of time, and now Bethesda has even confirmed some tantalizing details about what the big event will offer. A new update to the official FAQ reveals that the studio hopes to let players make their way through the full Fallout 76 experience (or as much of it as they can) and even carry their progress forward into the full version. Read on for more details.

How big will the Fallout 76 beta be?

According to a new entry on the official FAQ, Bethesda plans for the Fallout 76 beta event to be the whole game. In other words, you'll be able to experience pretty much everything that will be available in the game at launch - though probably with more glitches and lag, because it's a beta.

Will my Fallout 76 beta progress carry into the full game?

The current idea is... yes! Bethesda says it plans to save all players' progress from the beta and transfer it over into the full version of the game once it goes live. It's relatively uncommon for online games to roll progress over from the beta to the full version, so hopefully this works out.

When will the Fallout 76 beta begin?

The Fallout 76 beta's main event will begin sometime in October. Before that, Bethesda may invite small groups of players from the same pool of sign-ups to test things out ahead of time, but that will be separate. And don't worry - everyone who has signed up for the full beta event will be admitted. We also know who will get first access…

Who gets to play the Fallout 76 beta first?

Players on Xbox One will get a head start into the Fallout 76 beta. Bethesda hasn't said how long this headstart will last for, but we do know that Xbox players will be the first to check everything out.

How do you sign up for the Fallout 76 beta?

The only way to get guaranteed access to the Fallout 76 beta is to pre-order the game from a participating retailer. If you pre-order through your console's digital shop or, you'll automatically be signed up for the beta. If you pre-order from a physical retailer, you'll need to head to this page on, log in, and input the code you receive on your paper or email receipt to register.

What will the Fallout 76 beta include?

Bethesda's said nothing about what players can expect to find in the Fallout 76 beta - which is reasonable, since it seems like its plans for the final game itself are still somewhat in flux. However, knowing how Bethesda games are built in one big, open map, it seems likely that beta players will be able to explore much of the world. You'll also probably be able to try out the expanded settlement construction system. Will Bethesda let players get far enough to start collecting launch codes and firing nukes around? I dunno, but a rain of nuclear fire would be a pretty cool way to end the beta.

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