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Fallout 4's Automatron DLC trailer is a mech builder's dream

Here's the first look at Fallout 4's initial DLC, Automatron. We knew it would involve building your own robot but now we can get an idea of just how much variation that involves. Keyword: lots.

It looks like you can mix and match just about any bit of any robot from the series - from My Handy to Sentrybots - and the variety is so large that it's unclear how much new stuff here or whether it's some super creative combinations. There's definitely some weapons and other bits that I've not seen before.

There's also the Mechanist, the evil, slightly camp robot making genius responsible for creating all the machines you can hunt down and scavenge for parts. This trailer's actually turned me from 'meh, build a robot' to, 'Holy crap, I'm going to make a monster!'

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