Fallout 4 on PS4 gets mod support this week, here are 5 mods to get you started

Fallout 4 update 1.8 will finally deliver mod support to PS4 players this week, Bethesda announced via Twitter. Mod support arrives months later than initially planned on PS4, and with some limitations imposed by Sony, but it's still cause for celebration.

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Until we know when exactly the update will go live, you might as well start filling out your mod shopping list. Bethesda enabled the Creation Kit for PS4 mods a few weeks ago and creators have already gotten to work; here are a few mods that might catch your fancy.

Limited Minutemen Quests

With this mod enabled, Preston Garvey will no longer load you down with multiple quests to help out settlements. Now he'll politely wait for you to finish whatever Minutemen missions you already have before offering another.

Wild Plants & Alcohol for Settlements

No need to forage for all your hubflowers and brain fungus with this mod installed. You'll be able to plant wild vegetation just like their domesticated cousins, as long as you have the crop in your Settlement inventory to start out with. It also adds a bunch of space-efficient planters and crafting recipes for Bobrov's Best Moonshine and all manner of Gwinnett beers.

Get All Perks

It gives you all the perks.

Settlement Build Budget x10

This mod lets you place 10 times as much stuff in each of your settlements. Unfortunately, there's one major catch: it only works with new games. The modder says Sony's mod restrictions make retroactively increasing your settlement build budgets impossible.

Separate Coats

This mod lets you wear two Brotherhood of Steel coats - a Vertibird pilot's bomber jacket and Elder Maxson's battle coat - over any other underarmor. Finally, you can rock the coolest trenchcoat in the Commonwealth without killing Maxson and making a sworn enemy of the Brotherhood.

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