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Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations guide


This bobblehead will increase your strength stat by 1. If your strength is at the max of 10 before you pick it up, it'll boost it up to 11.

Head to the Boston area to find the Mass Fusion building.

There are enemies in the lobby as you enter, so prepare for a firefight.

While in the lobby area, look upwards and you'll see a large metal statue protruding out of the wall.

The bobblehead is balanced on top of it, so head up to the fifth floor.

If you're not here as part of a story-related quest, this floor is as far up as you can go for now. There's a guy up here with power armour and various enemies you'll have to fight through on your way up, so make sure you have plenty of chems and decent firepower.

Hop onto the ledge behind the green sofa.

You can nab the bobblehead from up here.

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