Ok, this Fallout 4 Power Armor action figure may actually be worth $400

Holy breathing tubes, this Fallout 4 Power Armor action figure is gorgeous. Hong Kong-based collectible action figure house threezero has made oh-so-good on the promise of that prototype Bethesda showed off back in September: a 1/6th scale figure standing at 14.5" / 36.8 cm, with a full suit of detachable T-45 Power Armor pieces atop a mechanical endoskeleton so detailed you'd almost hate to cover it up. Not to mention frickin' articulated fingers, perfect for gripping the included laser rifle.

The threezero store exclusive version also comes with a minigun (the weapon of choice for Power Armor purists), but it does cost $398… not that the minigun-less-regular-version is much more affordable at $380. But here's the best / most financially harrowing part: threezero plans on releasing more Power Armor figures in the future, and they'll all be fully interchangeable. In other words, you can mix and match the pieces to recreate whatever modded out Power Armor chimeras you have going in Fallout 4.

Pre-orders are open now, with shipping expected to begin worldwide in the third quarter of 2016. In the words of Diamond City Radio host Travis Miles, "OH GOD."

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