Fallout 3 graphics mod makes slightly scruffy 2008 game-world look like a next-gen wondergame

Fallout 3 has never really been what you might describe as 'a looker'. Sure, it has its moments, but nothing in the original build looks anywhere near the quality of the images in this Flickr account. The game has been tweaked and modified to within an inch of its life and the result is... well, it looks render-quality, to the point where we could easily be convinced we're looking at a next-gen Fallout 4. Just look at it!

Above: We've never seen a more attractive wasteland. And we've seen a fair few

It's mostly, but not quite 'all', thanks to the ENB Series mod, which isn't just a mod for Fallout 3 - there are variants of it for everything from Skyrim to GTA IV. And there have been countless other mods added in to create these stills, including hi-res textures and new character models. For instance, you won't remember seeing this fella in 'vanilla' Fallout 3:

Above: Nice hair. Probably more used to handling a six-string than that gun

There are far too many screenshots to include here and the collection deserves your attention, so go take a look at Anthemios' Flickr page.

Source: Kotaku

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