Fall Guys seasons will add "bunch of free content" to the game, confirms Mediatonic

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys will be running competitive seasons as part of its post-launch roadmap, Mediatonic has confirmed. 

Speaking to GamesRadar earlier this month, lead designer Joe Walsh explained that "each season is going to come with a batch of new levels, basically, that we're going to add to the pile." 

"Alongside that, we're going to be adding like new costumes and new things to unlock. So every now and again, the game is gonna get injected with a bunch of free content." 

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Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys lore is kind of dark

"The joy of Fall Guys comes from not knowing what you're gonna be doing next," continued Walsh, "and that is something that will just get better and better the more rounds that we put in." 

"With 25 people [at Mediatonic], there are already levels that we forget about. And then you're like, 'Oh my god, I totally forgot that this even existed'. The more we can push that as like the seasons roll on, and we have more and more content, the better."

Walsh also promised that Mediatonic is "listening to community" about highly requested features like "squads modes and cross play", which are hopefully not too far off the horizon for the already hugely popular battle royale. 

Coincidentally, the latest set of Fall Guys patch notes are going live today, introducing a new level to the roster while introducing a number of hotfixes to make your runs feel just that little bit smoother (but no less unpredictable). 

We know it's a bit early, but here's what we know so far about Fall Guys season 2. Alternatively, why not check out our latest Trending Topic in the video below? 

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