Fall Guys Season 6: Party Spectacular revealed with new modes, rewards, and more

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys has unveiled brand new details about Season 6, including new in-game events, rewards, stages, and more.

Earlier today, Mediatonic revealed Fall Guys Season 6: Party Spectacular. As ever with a new season in Mediatonic's chaotic platformer, there'll be 50 new reward tiers to unlock, boasting 20,000 Kudos and 20 Crowns, as well as a grand total of 25 new costumes for your beans.

There'll be brand new costume variants to unlock for Ghost of Tsushima's Jin Sakai once the new season arrives, and there'll also be a limited-time event featuring Sackboy to partake in. Additionally, an Epic Games login will be required once Season 6 begins, but this will bring with it cross-progression between PC and PlayStation platforms. 

It wouldn't be a new Fall Guys season without stages, and this time there's five of them to stumble through. Party Gauntlet features vacuum tubes, water balloon cannons, and trapeze bars, while Full Tilt introduces fully 360 degree see-saws for the very first time in Fall Guys. Elsewhere, Pipe Dream has your beans plummeting down various pipes to unknown hazards, Airtime challenges you to stay airborne for as long as possible, and Leading Light has beans duking it out for maximum attention.

In short, there's a lot to look forward to when Fall Guys Season 6 goes live at some point in the near future. Mediatonic is rounding out the announcement with a slate of fixes, including Spectator Mode being fixed to pan to party members, Circular Tumbles returning in the final round with new fixes, new limited-time events outside the previously-mentioned Sackboy event, and much more.

Fall Guys' most recent crossover starred Kena: Bridge of Spirits earlier this year in September, bringing us delightful new costumes with the Rot.

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