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Fall Guys Season 4.5 brings new modes and crossplay

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys Season 4.5 is launching tomorrow, bringing crossplay, new rounds, and loads of bug fixes.

Fall Guys Patch Notes for Season 4.5 (also referred to as 'Dave') have just been revealed by the Fall Guys Twitter account (opens in new tab). It’s a hefty update, with two new rounds for players to battle it out in: The Slimescraper and Button Bashers. The Slimescraper is touted as a sequel to Slimb Climb, while Button Bashers sees players paired off into 1v1 duels. Alongside these new additions, there are also 55 new variations being added across 12 existing rounds, including a low gravity version of Hex-a-Gone.

Cross-platform crossplay is the other major addition in this mid-season update. PS4 and PC players can now be matched together in the same public lobbies, and they can even join the custom games together too. Cross-platform parties are still not possible though.

Alongside these tentpole additions, there is also a huge list of bug fixes and improvements to latency issues. There is now a visual indicator that displays your connection quality, and there have been improvements to latency issues experienced when grabbing objects or mantling. 

With Fall Guys heading to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer, we're hoping this cross-platform update is paving the way for us to take on our mates on other platforms. At the very least, we're looking forward to getting in a little practice on the Slimescraper

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