Fall Guys makes up for server problems with a free skin and in-game credits for all

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys is giving all of its players a free in-game costume and an infusion of in-game credits as a make-good for early server issues.

According to developer Mediatonic, any player who has opened Fall Guys by midnight tonight (presumably BST, since the studio is based in the UK) will receive the rewards. If you downloaded Fall Guys as one of your free PS Plus games for this month but haven't gotten around to playing yet, now would be a very good time to do so.

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The new Prickles costume is of Legendary rarity and you get both the top and bottom for free as a set. As GR's own Iain Wilson noted, it also comes with an extra bonus: since the costume is Legendary, you'll get a Catwalk Model trophy/achievement just for putting it on (assuming you haven't already equipped any legendary cosmetics). Gotta love an easy trophy.

Aside from the costume, picking up 5,000 kudos is a worthwhile reward all its own. That's enough in-game currency to give you the run of the item shop; right now you could pick up the Rosy Cheeks faceplate, which turns your Fall Guy's face a lovely shade of pink, and still have 2,000 bonus kudos left to spend.

Fall Guys had a massively successful first week, racking up millions of players in big surges that took the Fall Guys servers down on several occasions. They've mostly stabilized now, and Mediatonic is looking ahead to working on seasons worth of free new content.

Mediatonic has also confirmed that Fall Guys lore exists, and it is surprisingly bleak. 

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