F1 2021 details leaked via Microsoft store

F1 2021 details leaked via Microsoft store
(Image credit: Codemasters)

F1 2021 details and logo have leaked via the Microsoft store.

It looks like we are go for another entry into the F1 games series from Codemasters, as details on F1 2021 have been spotted on the Microsoft store by Italian Windows news website Aggiornamenti Lumia. Along with details of what’s in the game, the leak has also identified a possible release date of July 16, though this hasn’t been confirmed by Codemasters or EA yet. So, what’s in store for F1 fans this year? Quite a lot, as it turns out. 

Braking Point is the headline addition here, as a new story mode (and excellent pun) that will accompany the game. Alongside this, there are also additions to the traditional career mode including a two-player Career mode and Real Season start. 

Ten Year Career mode is also returning, letting you start from the bottom in Formula 2 and work your way up to the big leagues. In last year’s F1 2020 you could choose your team, teammates, sponsors, and engine supplier in this mode, and we’re expecting all that good stuff to make a return this year too. Speaking of Formula 2, that is reportedly making a full appearance in F1 2021 too, with the leak highlighting short, medium, and full-season options.

If you’re looking for a more chill driving experience, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that there are casual race options so you can just thrash around a circuit or two, along with expert options for more experienced players who want a challenge.

On the multiplayer front, we have both split-screen and online multiplayer, with social and ranked playlists, leagues, and weekly events for you to sink your teeth into. There is also some Esports integration with in-game area for qualification events and ways to watch the F1 Esports Challenger and Pro Series events from within the game.

As we’d expect, F1 2021 will also reportedly support Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, in addition to the previous gen consoles. Obviously, there is no mention of the Sony consoles on the Microsoft store, and we should assume that until Codemasters, who were recently acquired by EA, confirms this news, we'll have to wait to see how much of this leak is accurate.

While you’re sitting on the starting grid waiting for the green light, why not check out the upcoming Xbox Series X games to see what else is coming in the near future.

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