Eye of Judgement pops up

Tuesday 8 May 2006
Probably one of the most unexpected and probably innovative games to appear at Sony's showcase has to be the card-battling, EyeToy-using Eye of Judgement.

Created by Richard Marks, the man behind EyeToy, Eye of Judgement is a real-time card game that uses the next-generation version of EyeToy to mix animated beasts with real cards. So instead of dealing with your deck virtually, you place real cards down on a sensor mat and let PS3 move the monster around on screen according to your wishes.

In a quick demo of the game Marks showed how, by placing a card on the mat, a monster would appear. Then, if you move the card or introduced another animal, the first beast responds with an attack or action in real time. Of course, each creature has its own skills and talents and, with a deck of 30 cards, there should be thousands of battles to enjoy both on and offline.

It looks novel; it looks interesting, but is it the real deal? We'll have more on Eye of Judgement straight from E3 just as soon as we can deal ourselves in.

Above: Each creature has its own skills and talents