Extraction 2 will start filming later this year

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Extraction 2 is in the pipeline – and it’s due to start filming later this year. The sequel to 2020’s Extraction, will see Chris Hemsworth return as Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary tasked with protecting the son of an international crime boss. Rake’s fate was left unclear at the end of the first movie, but as he’s returning for the sequel we can guess things can’t have ended that badly. Meanwhile, Sam Hargrave is back to direct. 

The sequel is set to start production this autumn – as long as Covid doesn’t get in the way. “We're moving forward on it as if we're shooting in the fall,” Hargrave told Collider. “Joe [Russo] is still finalising the script. We're all excited to read it. I've read different iterations, but I'm excited to read what he turns in. We're all looking forward to getting back in the saddle and hopefully bringing another action-packed adventure in the 'Extraction' universe.”

The movie, which became Netflix’s most-streamed original feature ever, is based on the graphic novel Ciudad, which was co-written by Anthony and Joe Russo with Ande Parks and illustrated by Fernando León González.

There could be a whole Extraction cinematic universe in the works, too, producer and screenwriter Joe Russo revealed last year in a separate interview with Collider. “We are working at building out a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first movie and some new characters, and see more historical interaction between the characters.”

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