Continuing this year's glorious resurgence of giant robot combat games, eXteel offers startlingly sharp battles set inside futuristic arenas and city centers. Up to 16 players can immolate, crush and disintegrate each other online during gladiatorial grudge matches.

These giant robots will be immediately familiar to fans of Gundam and Robotech, but the looks of the chaotic group combat might also strike a chord with City of Heroes players.

These 10-story titans wield amazingly destructive weaponry, such as pulsating energy swords and massive, shoulder-launched rail guns. No two robots look alike due to deep customization options. You'll specialize even further with advanced attacks and skills - likely the part you'll pay for (but the initial game is free).

The visuals are straight out of Japanese anime, and the insanely fast over-the-shoulder perspective gives battles a cinematic drenching that is nothing short of heart-stopping. eXteel is set to touch down late this year.