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Much like Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, Darren Aronofsky’s meditation on life, death and love with Hugh Jackman struggling to save Rachel Weisz, has been highly anticipated, much debated and is currently receiving one or two cries of “pretentious” from festival critics.

Fortunately for Aronofsky, the Toronto reviews have been more mixed than the tidal wave of vitriol and scorn unleashed upon Kelly’s latest offering.

And if you’ve been looking forward to the movie with eager anticipation like much of Total Film’s team, you’ll be grasping for any small glimpse at the finished product. Thank goodness, then, with the movie gliding into US cinemas this November.

In addition to a shiny new look for the site and a few updated wallpapers and screensavers, we’re invited to “Experience” the movie via a feature that takes you through imagery and shots from the film. Spoiler-phobes might want to skip it if you’re trying to stay pure and be prepared to wait - this thing takes a while to load. Learning to live forever might be useful...

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source:( Warner Bros )

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