Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston talks Avengers

“The fun thing about Loki is that he goes 1-on-1 with every single Avenger,” Tom Hiddleston told Total Film in an exclusive interview.

“Loki has become so menacing that they all have to team up and overcome their differences to stop him.”

Hiddleston’s now wrapped on Joss Whedon’s Superhero super-group mashup, an experience he relished. “It’s been the most incredible privilege to work with my own heroes” Hiddleston admits. “The greatest superheroes in the world played by some of the greatest actors in the world.”

So who was the toughest to fight?

“I think I can dismiss the mere mortals, so Captain America may be a super soldier but he’s still a man and he’s up against Loki, who’s a God. I think Iron Man’s blasters hurt a bit…” Hiddleston revealed.

“But I think it comes down to his thunderous brother. No one is harder to fight than his brother because there’s all that angst within him. Thor still comes out on top.”

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