Exclusive Interstellar poster

Chris Nolan doesn't do things by halves. This week there have been more Interstellar posters hitting the Internet than there are stars in the sky.

Not that we're complaining, especially when we've got the best one yet - completely exclusively.

Nolan liked this image from his film so much he made it one of the US posters for his complex space-exploration epic, and we can see why - it's a truly awe-inspiring shot, beautifully rendered, with a stunning mix of colours.

We really can't wait to see the sequence - travelling through a wormhole - it depicts in motion.

Check it out below, and click on it to see the hi-res version.

[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

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The film is out on November 7 and we'll see you in the queue at the IMAX.

Now let's all watch the trailer on repeat until then.

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