Exclusive Halo 3 Q&A

Really hardcore players had a lot of fun reaching some high areas of the maps - is this something you'll be allowing in the finished multiplayer game?
There were definitely some areas that fans managed to reach that our designers either never intended or were aware of but couldn’t fix in time for the beta. The final game will not allow people to get outside of the map or break the way the game is meant to be played.

On day one of the Beta a lot of people had problems downloading the game - what caused this?
The initial issues were a result of some hiccups with the Crackdown download mechanism that was required for most people getting the Beta. Something like that had never been done before and many people at MGS and Xbox Live as well as Bungie worked around the clock to sort that out. Once we got over that hump, we felt it was only fair to extend the Beta by a few days to make it up to our fans.