Exclusive Halo 3 Q&A

What weapon caused the most deaths?
I don’t have a definitive statistic that I can share here, but, if I had to guess, I’d say either the Covenant Carbine or Spartan Laser just based on popularity and my own experiences. The Spartan Laser was new and everyone wanted to use it, and when used properly, it was devastating. The Carbine was a ruthlessly accurate killing machine from almost any distance and offered a fairly deep clip and fast rate of fire.

How pleased were you with the way the Mongoose turned out?
The Mongoose is a blast to play in Halo 3 and compliments our sandbox nicely. It does exactly what it was intended to do – quickly move players across the map and promotes teamwork.

Were there any changes made to the Beta during the test period?
We made a variety of infrastructure changes on our back-end as we got real data and saw the game performing in the wild. Aside from that, we also updated the Xbox Live playlist offerings several times over the course of the Beta.