EXCLUSIVE G-Force enemy bios

Summer is full of free time, and we know what that means: staying inside, playing games and not letting the sun’s rays touch your skin. But there are also blockbuster films to deal with, which are worth going outside for, at least for the short amount of time needed to get to the theater. G-Force, the new Disney adventure film starring a group of secret agent Guinea Pigs, is a convergence of those two needs, and don’t dismiss it as a kid’s game or a crappy film cash-in.

First-hand reportswere surprisingly positive. It looks gorgeous and there’s an arsenal of cool weapons. And the enemies are pretty nifty too, as they’re all made of household materials gone amuck. Don’t believe us? Then peer further down this page to find the images and descriptions of each nemesis straight from the game’s creators.

Vacuum Cleaner (and Hairdryer attachment)

When weaponized the hoover hovers and emits a blue vertical beam of light scanning the ground to try to find useful objects. When it detects a useful object it attracts it, causing it to float up and attach to the enemy’s weapon slot. The Hoover attachment shown here is a hoover element that fires a medium distance flame jet. This can also be manipulated, like the fire extinguisher, to destroy ice barriers.

Vacuum Attachment: Camera Flash

Attaches to the hoover listed above acting as a weapon which can temporarily blind the player on the ground.

Vacuum Attachment: Drill

Attaches to the hoover listed above acting as a weapon firing metal beams that spin round and track the player on the ground.

Waffle Maker

This is a fodder enemy type. Travelling in groups, the waffle makers try to surround and snap at the player, but are pretty easily destroyed in combat.


These iron enemies are invulnerable to attack when they are using their base as a shield. Just before they launch a heat attack, they open their shields making them vulnerable. They attack in groups.

Air Freshener

When weaponized, this item hovers with a stinger-like tail, which sprays poison gas.

Coffee Machine

The Coffee Maker attacks both melee style with its various attachments and arms and also fires items.

Water Cooler

When weaponized, this enemy lashes at the player with a short-range jet of hot water, which is swept in an arc horizontally. It also does a dangerous whirling charge attack.


The toaster pursues the player relentlessly and will grab and wrestle throw down Darwin using its “antenna.”


If the player approaches into melee range, the microwave can push him away by swinging the door. The door closes again quickly. Heats CPU Spiders to create a super hot berserk version - hazardous for Darwin.


Chases the player, attempting to strike with its electrified cord when in melee range. Fast moving and aggressive, these enemies typically hunt the player in groups.


This item acts as a host to the CPU spider enemy. It also has its own attack abilities - both melee using its arms and an electrical long range attack.


Chases the player typically in small groups. When in melee range, the enemy swipes at the player with its claw hands.

Desk Fan

When close to the player, the enemy lunges forward in an attempt to strike the player with its blades.

CD Player

This enemy has a number of different melee attacks, making use of its multiple arms.

Alarm Clock

The enemy attacks the player at melee range using its arm-like appendages. A secondary function of the enemy is to weaponize (saberize) dormant appliances. The enemy will prioritize saberizing other appliances over attacking the player. If no appliances are in range, or the enemy is taking damage, then it will attack the player.

Clock Bomb

They are similar to mines, once activated they will detonate. Bomb Clocks appear in the environment with their “shells” closed. If the player approaches they activate.

Fly Trap

Appearing in the environment, Mooch will be drawn into the blue light causing a hazard for him.

Jul 2, 2009