Exclusive Ereban: Shadow Legacy developer commentary goes deep into the stealthy Shadow Merge ability

An exclusive developer commentary for Ereban: Shadow Legacy reveals many details about its exciting, stealth-focused Shadow Merge mechanic during the Future Games Show at Gamescom Powered by Mana.

First revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda June Showcase earlier in 2022, Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a sci-fi stealth platformer by Baby Robot Games and published by Raw Fury, which sees you take on the role of Ayana – the final descendant of a lost race of beings with the ability to merge with shadows. Using a suite of high-tech gadgets and the main Shadow Merge mechanic, you need to infiltrate the mysterious megacorporation Helios to uncover any secrets and links to the disappearance of Ayana’s people.

Shadow Merge allows Ayana to assume a dark, cloudy form for a limited time whenever they’re in a shaded area. It seamlessly blends in with shadows, rendering them completely undetectable unless they wander into the light. Game Director Alejandro Márquez also revealed that Shadow Merge was heavily inspired by Splatoon’s transforming kids and squids that swim through ink. However, Shadow Merge is incredibly versatile, and you’ll need to make clever use of the ability to explore the environment, solve puzzles, and fight your foes.

Your combat options include stealthy movement around your enemies, avoiding detection, or setting up ambushes to perform quiet takedowns on Helios’ forces, giving you the choice of a lethal or non-lethal approach. Regarding platforming, Shadow Merge allows you to scale tall structures to reach inaccessible locations, crawl under fences by diving through shadows, or even break your fall if you land in darkness. Shadow Merge will also be upgradeable, so these features are just the basics.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is launching in 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, and it will also be coming to Xbox, and PC Games Pass on day one. Be sure to follow Baby Robot Games on Twitter for further updates on their debut title, and make sure to wishlist it on Steam.

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