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Exclusive Disney Epic Mickey footage

Disney's upcoming Wii game Disney Epic Mickey , in which players take control of the famous mouse, will see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit making a return to screens after seventy years away.

'Who?' you ask. Good question.

Oswald is Walt Disney's forgotten son. Created before Mickey - while the young Walt Disney worked as an animator at Universal - he was the star of a number of classic shorts, known around the world for his antics.

As this fascinating interview explains however, after Universal sacked Walt and kept the rights to Oswald, the young animator decided to set up shop on his own, and created Mickey Mouse.

Mickey went on to make Disney the biggest animation studio in the world, while Oswald, sadly, was left to rot in a vault.

Then, in 2006, Disney bought back the rights to Oswald, re-uniting Mickey with his long-lost older half-brother.

This trailer show the story of Disney bringing back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to life for the first time since 1948...

Disney Epic Mickey comes out for Nintendo Wii next month.