Everything announced during July PlayStation State of Play

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The July PlayStation State of Play has just finished, giving us a look at Arkane’s Deathloop alongside other games. The 30-minute showcase might have been focused on the upcoming PS5 exclusive timeloop shooter from the Dishonored and Prey developer, but that doesn’t mean it was the only thing on show. We also get a glimpse of SEGA’s Lost Judgment, Sloclap's Sifu, and even got a release date for the Death Stranding: Director's Cut

Read on for everything revealed at the July PlayStation State of Play. 

Moss Book 2

Quill, the extremely brave and heart-meltingly cute mouse adventurer, returns in Moss Book 2. It looks like she'll get access to some new kit, including a sledgehammer that's about as big as she is, but she'll still need our help as giant weird spirit things to navigate the world, solve puzzles, and take down creepy clockwork monsters. It looks like it's set to be another PSVR exclusive whenever it arrives.


Out in early access today on PS5 and PC (via the Epic Games Store), Arcadegeddon is a vibrant cooperative shooter that you can play solo or with up to three friends. Horde modes are front and center, but there are also environments to explore and PvP modes where you can duke it out with your hard-earned gear. Arcadegeddon is a loot-driven game with RPG elements, including a snazzy character creator, so expect new features, enemies, and items to be added as the game moves toward a full release in 2022. 

Tribes of Midgard

Defend your village from nightly raids and giant invaders as Ragnarok approaches in Tribes of Midgard, a 10-player co-op action that's coming to both PS4 and PS5 (as well as PC via Steam) on July 27. While most survival games just go until you die, Tribes' Saga Mode invites you to see how many cool weapons you can forge and giants you can slay in just about two hours.


F.I.S.T, AKA Forged in Shadow Torch is the only game where you play a rabbit man with a giant robotic arm strapped to his back (or at least the only one we're aware of). Its side-scrolling action is headed to both PS4 and PS5 on September 7, and it looks like just the kind of odd fusion of grimy underworld and cartoon animals to take us by surprise.

Hunter’s Arena Legends

This fighter-meets-battle-royale mashup offered up an intriguing premise, with the opportunity to be the last one standing on a deserted island, but this time there’s nary a gun insight, as long as you don’t count the muscles on our cast of brawlers. It'll be heading to PS Plus for both PS4 and PS5 on August 3. 


Slocap's fantastic-looking martial arts title, Sifu, was treated to a new gameplay trailer at today's event. The latest showcase took place in a Fight Club - no, not that fight club - and gave us another look at the game's combat. But, sadly, it also gave us notice that the Sifu release date has slipped to early 2022. That's a delay from its original, vague 2021 launch window, so we'll have to wait a little longer from this new title from the team that brought us Absolver. 

Jett: The Far Shore

Coming to PS5 and PS4 later this year, Jett: The Far Shore is an adventure game where you explore space as an intrepid aviation scientist. The PlayStation State of Play showed off the first gameplay for the title, and explained how these scientists are looking for somewhere new to carry on - and hopefully save - humanity. Exploring this oceanic planet is a key to survival though, as is your ship. But, unlike traditional games like Jett: The Far Shore, it's not about resource collecting or combat, but more about exploring and learning as you discover more about this planet. 

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles

The new trailer for The Hinokami Chronicles is a nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the house demon plot from the Demon Slayer anime (and manga), which speaks to the authenticity of the video game adaptation. We get to see the three main characters face off against demon bosses, and at first blush, the 3D arena fighter seems to have translated the style and art of the series fairly well. Here's hoping it holds up when we get our hands on it October 15. 

Lost Judgment 

The incoming installment in the Yakuza spin-off series had a moment in the spotlight at the latest State of Play too. Lost Judgment sees you play as Takayuku Yagami as he explores the Japanese cities of Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho, but this trailer focused on the game's investigative gameplay. There's a trial, a "gruesome tradegy", and a potential revenge plot, potentially even someone being framed for a murder. But it's not all detective work though, as Yagami does take time for dancing, races, and a spot of skateboarding too. 

Death Stranding: Director's Cut 

Kojima's brand new IP is back with the Death Stranding: Director's Cut. Not only offering PS5 upgrades, the Director's Cut will add never-before seen elements to the game - particularly around new delivery options. There are things like a catapult that  fires deliveries over great distances, or a buddy bot - a two legged robot that can carry supplies and you. There’s also new combat mechanics and a maser gun, which is what you call a taser when you don’t have permission to use the name. The weird addition in a selection of new race courses, because… Kojima… something, something. But perhaps, most interestingly, there are new story missions that appear to include new enemies, characters and locations. What that will add to an already convoluted story will certainly be the most interesting part of this extended edition. 


This fresh, 10-minute slice of Deathloop gameplay shows us another side of Julianna, the rival assassin who will keep main character Colt company via probing radio banter even as she tries to find just the right moment to put a bullet in his head. We also got a new look at some of Colt's special abilities, including one which gives him two opportunities to time-rewind at the moment of death while leaving the rest of the world intact - extra lives, essentially, and his opponents don't seem very happy to see him again.

For more on the PS5, here's the upcoming PS5 games for the year. 

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