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Everquest II's Skyshrine update is live: See pics and trailer

While your big names like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic battle it out for MMO prominence, SOE's Everquest II has been quietly plugging away with a steady stream of updates since its 2004 launch. The latest add-on (opens in new tab) to MMO gaming's first name in lifestyle-crippling addiction is now live: here's some images and the trailer.

As mentioned previously, the Everquest II Skyshrine update will cater (opens in new tab) to all, but just how much complementary stuff you'll get depends on which EQII add-ons you've previously purchased.

Owners of the barebones EQII itself get two new zones, the titular dragon citadel and the enchantment-blighted Withered Lands, which as far as we can tell is a sort of magical Chernobyl. Owners of the Destiny of Velious add-on also get a new level-cap of 92, as well as new tradeskill quests and items, prestige abilities and Drake mounts.

For those who've got the Age of Discovery add-on installed, Skyshrine will also add new Dungeon Maker adventurers and a new Poet's Palace theme, as well as new recipes, mercenaries and tameable creatures. Everquest II: homewrecking (opens in new tab) since 2004 and still going strong!