Even Kojima wants to play Pokémon Go (although he feels left behind and doesn't care about Pikachu)

One interesting thing to come out of San Diego Comic Con has been Hideo Kojima's view on Pokémon Go

While the Metal Gear creator talked about his new game Death Stranding, he made it clear he's up for some poké-hunting at some point. Just as soon as he has the time. "When I get back to Japan I’ll probably play Pokémon Go" he explained at the con. "A few years a go I played a lot of Pokémon Gold and Silver," he said, adding an fairly emphatic "a lot.

While he admits he hasn't played anything more recent, he does want to play Go but worries he's "getting behind everyone". Kojima said that "reading my twitter and my timeline? Everyone’s playing Pokémon Go and I feel like I’m being left behind". He did also drop one bombshell while talking on the livestream, "I don’t care about Pikachu".


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