EVE Online: CCP sets release date for Inferno DLC

CCP Games has announced that it'll be releasing Inferno, the next expansion for its signature title EVE Online, on May 22 of this year. The new pack will include changes and updates focused on tweaking EVE's PvP component, with a new Mercenary Marketplace area and rule changes that aim to deepen the consequences of factional warfare while improving the game's wardec interface.

The expansion will be supported by a precursor patch, a series first that'll go live on April 24. This'll pave the way for the gameplay and interface overhauls planned for Inferno, as well as cosmetic upgrades such as new shaders and decal-space for the game's spacecraft. You can see a few of the upcoming graphical enhancements in the trailer above. CCP also plans to support Inferno with a 1.5 patch come August, as well as incremental fixes as and when they're called for.