Europe to get first PS3s

Friday 26 May 2007
The first PlayStation 3 consoles being manufactured are heading for Europe, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's president and CEO David Reeves.

In an interview with trade paper MCV, Reeves made clear that Sony is just as committed to supplying European gamers as it is to US and Japanese customers, so much so that he claimed that "the first PS3s being manufactured are being made for Europe – which is a first."

Reeves went on to discuss the number of units that will be available at launch, saying that he "hoped" Europe would get similar quantities as the US, but also admitted that some countries in Europe would only receive what he described as "small seed" allocations.

The £425 price tag was also discussed, with Reeves describing it as "a steal" when considering that PS3 will play Blu-Ray discs and the first Blu-Ray players will probably cost between 900 and 1,000 euros (approx £600-£700).