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Europa Universalis IV Cheats

The fourth upcoming game in the Europa Universalis series with new features like online multiplayer and trading systems.

Europa Universalis IV Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by tasdim20

    Europa Universalis IV Command Codes

    By pressin the "~" (the key above TAB) key when you are in carrer map.

    Console Cheats List
    Press ~ (the key above TAB) to bring up the console. From there, you can enter cheat codes or type help to get a list of commands, including the following:

    add_core [province tag] - Additional core
    add_natives [province tag] [amount] - Additional natives in specified province
    add_opinion [country tag] - Additional opinion to/from tag
    add_pi [country tag] - Additional papal influence in specified country
    add_pa [country tag] - Additional patriach authority in specified country
    add_reformlevel [amount] - Additional reform level
    add_interest [country tag] - Add specified country tag to your interest
    stability - Additional stability
    add_colonist [country tag] - Additional colonist in country
    add_heir [country tag] - Additional heir of specified country
    add_missionary [country tag] - Additional missionary in specified country
    add_diplo - Additional diplomatic entroute
    morehumans [number] - Additional humans
    piety - Additional piety
    population [province tag] [amount] - Additional population in specified province
    prestige - Additional prestige
    power [idea group tag] - Additional power to the specified idea group
    add_idea_group [idea group tag] - Add the specified idea group
    add_cb [belli tag] [country tag] - Casus belli against target country
    annex [country tag] - Begin annex/annexes the specified country
    integrate [country tag] - Begin integrate/integrates the specified country
    control [province tag] - Update controller
    mapmode [Mapmode type #] - Update mapmode
    own [province tag] - Update ownership of specified province
    nextsong - Skip to next background song
    clear - Clear the cheat console
    savegame - Creates a save file
    discover [country tag] - Determine capital of specified country
    helphelp - Double Rainbow
    selflearningai - Enables/Disable smarter AI
    event [event tag] [country tag] - Execute an event in specified country
    manpower [#] - Additional manpower
    Cash [#] - Additional funds
    fow off - Disable fog of war
    fow on - Enable fog of war
    poll - Poll
    adm [# OPTIONAL] - Add administrative power
    dip [# OPTIONAL] - Add diplomatic power
    mil [# OPTIONAL] - Add military power
    powerpoints [# OPTIONAL] - Add power in all categories
    winwars - Receive maximum war score in all wars for the country
    nudge - Snap to nudge tool
    combatsound [#] - Determine frequency of combat sounds in combat view (from 00 low to 50 high)
    imperial_authority [amount] - Additional imperial authority
    kill_cardinal - Kills top cardinal on the list
    kill_heir [country tag] - Kills the heir of specified country
    die(kill) [country tag] - Kills the monarch of specified country
    oos - Cause the game client to go oos
    prices - Record price in gamelog
    help [command name] - Print out all console commands of a type
    memory - Prints out memory used
    balance - Provides region balance output
    reloadinterface - Reloads client interface
    remove_cb [casus belli tag] [country tag] - Remove casus belli from specified country
    remove_core [province tag] - Remove core from specified providence
    remove_interest [country tag] - Removes specified country from your interest
    remove_defender_faith - Removes the Defender of the Faith for the player's religion
    requestgamestate - Request gamestate from host
    score - Prints score
    legitimacy [amount] - Set legitimacy of the ruler as specified
    spritelevel [level] - Set forced sprite level (resets if none specified)
    setmissionaryprogress [province tag] [amount] - Updates the missionary progress for a province
    papvotes - Shows votes for a cardinal in his tooltip field
    IP - Shows your IP
    pirate [province tag] - Triggers a pirate in specified province
    revolt [province tag] - Triggers a revolt in specified province
    tag [country tag] - Switch tag to a different country
    observe(spectator) - Observe as spectator
    testmission [mission tag] - Tests specified mission but doesn't trigger
    testevent [event tag] [character tag] - Tests specified event but doesn't trigger it
    aiview - Provide additional AI info
    yesman - Toggle AI responses for everything to affirmative
    msg - Toggles all popup messages
    collision(debug_collision) - Toggles debug display of collision info
    fullscreen - Toggles fullscreen on/off
    ti(debug_ti) - Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
    nopausetext - Toggles the pause banner on/off
    validateevents - Validate all events without triggering them
    vassalize [country tag] - Vassalize country specified
    time - Print time
    siege [province tag] - Instantly wins the active siege in province specified