Eureka Seven Vol. 2: The New Vision

Spunky kids and the giant robots they pilot. It's a description that could be used to describe several different anime series (or games, for that matter). Among them is the excellent Eureka 7 TV series, currently airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and being released on DVD by Bandai Entertainment. With an international megahit anime usually comes a videogame tie-in, and that's precisely what we've got here in Eureka 7 Vol. 2, the second game based on the series for the PS2.

Acting as a prequel story to the television series, Eureka 7 Vol. 2 continues the story of ex-military man Sumner Sturgeon, who we met as an optimistic youth in the first volume. Things have changed, though - Sumner has bailed on his former military career aspirations, and has become considerably more jaded and bitter than he was before. He is now involved as a pro in "lifting" - a sort of futuristic racing sport. (Think Back to the Future II-style hoverboarding and you'll have an idea of what it's like.)