The first ever Avengers vs. Eternals battle in Celestia #1 preview

Eternals: Celestia #1 excerpt
Eternals: Celestia #1 excerpt (Image credit: Kei Zama/John Livesay/Matthew Wilson/Clayton Cowles (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's Eternals have been around for a while - their name kind of hints at that. Although active in contemporary times, their history goes back hundreds of thousands of years - even back to 1,000,000 BCE during the recently-revealed prehistoric Avengers, as Marvel is about to reveal. 

In the upcoming one-shot Eternals: Celestia, Eternals series writer Kieron Gillen partners with artist Kei Zama to tell that proverbial 'untold tale' of the Eternals - specifically the Eternals Ajak and Makkari - against the Avengers of 1,000,000 BCE.

Check out a preview of Eternals: Celestia here:

"When developing Eternals, Ajak and Makkari were two of the characters I was most excited about," Gillen said in the book's announcement. "I had so many ideas. The problem was trying to find a place to introduce them in a way which gives enough space to show what a fascinating, funny, and genuinely heartbreaking odd-couple they are."

Speaking of odd, those prehistoric Avengers they'll be facing off with are a hereto unknown version of the team introduced in 2017's Marvel Legacy #1 that appears in the current Avengers run. This pre-Avengers squad is made up of new versions of what's become classic archetypes in team lore: Odin, the first Black Panther, the first Iron Fist, the first Sorcerer Supreme (Agomotto), the first Earth being with the Phoenix Force (Firehair), the first Ghost Rider, and a Starbrand (not the first, but the second).

"I'll be honest - the first time I saw Ghost Rider on the back of a Mammoth, I did think ‘I'll be having some of that, thank you very much,'" Gillen said.

In addition to Eternals: Celestia's main cover by Eternals series artist Esad Ribic, there are variant covers from Nelson Blake II and Rob Liefeld. Check them out here:

Eternals: Celestia #1 goes on sale on October 6.

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