Eric Bana married to The Time Traveller's Wife

Now that his position of Official Movie Bruce Banner has been usurped by Edward Norton, Eric Bana is free to go ahead and keep looking for more interesting movies to make. Which might be why he’s just agreed to star in The Time Traveller’s Wife. As the time traveller, obviously. He could play the wife, but we’re not sure how Middle America would handle it.

It’s the latest positive step for the project, which has been floating through Hollywood’s development pool for a while, slipping out of the hands of Steven Spielberg, David Fincher and Gus Van Sant, among others.

With Flightplan’s Robert Schwentke now firmly in the director’s seat, the shoot will kick off in August on a story that finds a handsome librarian (Bana) stricken with a gene that makes him unstuck in time. During one of his jaunts, he meets a woman (Rachel McAdams) and falls in love, but faces the slight problem of his age fluctuating depending on his location in time, and forced to watch his wife age without him.

Sad, then… But did he think about getting us the lottery numbers?

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