Eragon trailer arrives

A throaty, respected thesp doing the voice-over? A noted character type playing a scheming villain? A young newcomer as a hero with a destiny? That’ll be Harry Potter And The Half Blood… No, sorry: that’ll be Eragon, then.

The first full trailer has arrived online and it’s full of exactly what you’d expect – all the elements above, plus some CG dragon action, a winsome lady love interest, choral music that swells to indicate the exciting bit and legions of warriors facing off in a massive battle for the future of the ancient lands.

Pardon us if we’re a little cynical, but so far the imagery and footage from Eragon make it look a little cookie-cutter fantasy adventure. But Malkovich is clearly relishing his role as the bad seed king and the dragon looks good.

Decide for yourself after watching the trailer .

Source: ( AOL )

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