Epic's abandoned, so-bad-it's-good MOBA is getting another remake this year, this time on PS5

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Remember Paragon, Epic's abandoned MOBA? It's coming back thanks to one dedicated group of fans.

If you didn't already know, Paragon was around even before Fortnite was on the scene. But thanks to the explosively popular battle royale, Paragon was cancelled and shut down as Epic went all-in on Fortnite.

Now, Paragon is being revived as "Predecessor," and it's coming to PS5. You can see the early access trailer for the fan-made remake just below, which shows off the sort of action you can expect to find in Predecessor when it eventually launches in early access.

"We're excited to share that you can now wishlist Predecessor on the PlayStation Store ahead of its release later this year! Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be supported," the game's official website notes, seemingly revealing there'll be a native PS5 version of Predecessor.

It's worth noting that Predecessor isn't even the only remake of Epic's Paragon. It's been revived in various forms under different names, and some of its characters have even appeared in totally unrelated games since other devs could just reuse the models. Paragon: The Overprime, for example, is another fan-made remake of Epic's long-gone MOBA, but unlike Predecessor, it was only ever released on PC via Steam. 

If you're wondering how and why Paragon remakes became such a thing, that's because Epic made all its assets available to all Unreal Engine developers a few years ago. This came after Paragon unfortunately bit the dust after not one, not two, but three ground-up overhauls, which meant anyone could stitch together a Paragon revival if they were truly dedicated to the cause. It was never an amazing (or at all well-balanced) MOBA, but it clearly had enough charm to hook a small but dedicated audience.  

Who knows, we could see more Paragon remakes out there in the future, and there may well be Paragon assets in other Unreal Engine games out there right now. 

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Hirun Cryer

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