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Entourage to be a movie?

According to executive producer Mark Wahlberg, HBO series Entourage - which focuses on the trials and tribulations of a Hollywood actor and his team of cronies - could move into cinemas when it finishes its run on TV.

Talking at the premiere for his new film The Lovely Bones , Wahlberg let slip that there are two more seasons left in the series "and then, a movie".

Entourage stars Adrian Grenier as actor Vincent Chase, whose struggles to remain a big name in an industry that only loves you as long as you make big bucks have been the source of six seasons of well-written hilarity.

Wahlberg has guest-starred on the show along with an array of other Hollywood thesps, and it's been beloved by critics since its debut in 2004.

Seeing as Entourage focuses with such razor-sharp bite on an industry that churns out movies and spits out the people involved, the fact it could be a movie itself seems rather fitting. It's art imitating life imitating art. Or something.

Now Wahlberg's spilt the beans, we're wondering which other HBO shows could follow Entourage and predecessor Sex and the City into cinemas. Is it too late to beg for The Sopranos ? Please? We'll use our puppy dog eyes...

[Source: Showbiz 411 ]

Are you an Entourage fan? Will Vincent's raunchy adventures in Tinseltown make for a good movie? Have your say below...