One The Boys fan has screenshotted all the potential candidates for the Seven, and there are some deep-cut Supes in here

The Boys
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One eagle-eyed The Boys fan has spotted a list of potential The Seven candidates, including a Wolverine-esque hero and a Doctor Strange dupe. 

It is well known that The Boys likes to parody other superheroes and often bases their Supes on already existing ones such as Black Noir on Deadpool, and Homelander on Superman, but, it looks like there are more. In The Boys season 4 episode 1 right before Homelander almost forces The Deep and A-Train to get closer (we still haven't forgotten that), Ashley pulls up a list of 25 respective candidates to join The Seven in place of Starlight and Maeve. 

The list of potential Seven candidates is as follows: Talon, Europa, Hyperion, The Standard, Lady Arklite, Dogknott, Malchemical, Big Game, Tek Knight, Sister Sage, The Devine, Incineron, Dr. Peculair, Shout Out, Stacker, Airburst, Luckless, Jetstreak, Pit Stop, Black Helmet, Holy Mary, Lord Horus, Wrangler, Pinwheel, Groundhawk, Invisi-Lass, and Jimmy the One.

It didn't take long for one fan to screenshot that list, post it on Reddit, and ignite a discussion as to who the Supes could be and which heroes they are based on. One fan proposed some comparisons, "Europa is Nightcrawler and Malchemical is basically if Metamorpho was an asshole," and another added, "First thought is that Big Game is like Kraven the Hunter."

However, one Reddit user pointed out that some Supes mentioned are actually taken from The Boys comics, meaning we already know what powers they possess. "If Groundhawk is the same as the comics, he’s a Wolverine parody with hammers for hands. It’s a crippling disability." Alternatively, other characters from the comics include Luckless who has the ability to mutate her skin like X-Men’s Mystique, and Invisi-Lass who is a parody of The Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman. 

After Ashley displays the list on the screen, she flicks through the profiles of a few potential candidates starting with Talon, a Catwoman-like Supe with retractable carbon steel nails, Hyperion who has "divine femininity" and "super intuition," seemingly parodying the over-sexualization of female superheroes, and Dogknott, a male Supe with canine-like traits and the ability to communicate with dogs, like Catwoman, but for dogs. 

We know that from that list Homelander picks out Sister Sage, but we will just have to keep on watching to see which other elusive Supes mentioned in Ashley’s list appear. 

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