The Boys season 4 has officially got Hideo Kojima’s stamp of approval, and it's all because of the latest and most shocking episode yet

Homelander and Ryan in The Boys season 4
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The king of online movie reviews Hideo Kojima has turned his attention to the latest season of The Boys, and it looks like he is enjoying the season so far.

The video game developer recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on The Boys season 4 episode 4, writing that the season so far has explored characters further, done a whole lot of foreshadowing, and is gearing up for its final season. "The irony of a 'bloody' hero, which in a sense is a metaphor for America and modern society today, is what sets it apart from just another hero movie," writes Kojima. See the full tweet below. 

Episode 4, titled 'Wisdom of the Ages', marks Homelander’s most unhinged moment yet, seeing him revisit the lab where he spent his childhood and inflect his reign of bloody terror on the technicians there. From burning one scientist alive in a giant oven to lasering another in the groin area, it was quite an episode, to say the least. So it’s not a sunrise that this was the moment when Kojima decided to share his admiration for the show.

And it looks like fans agree as one replied, "Yeah, the stained cape was no accident. Glad Kojima likes the show, probably the best thing on TV right now," and another echoed with, "Antony Starr is diabolically terrifying in eps 4." Others are just happy that the show has finally caught the gamer’s attention, as one fan wrote, "The Hideo Kojima stamp of approval is all we need." Check out more replies below including one from The Boys’ official Twitter page.

This is not the first time Kojima has had his say on trending movies and TV shows, as the gamer has become a bit of a social media reviewer over time giving sometimes insightful opinions on movies such as Dune 2 and the latest Godzilla flick. But other times he likes to be humorous with his takes like in his 6-word review for Madame Web, ouch.

The Boys season 4 episodes 1-4 are available to stream on Prime Video right now, with new episodes dropping every Thursday. For more from The Boys, check out the rest of our coverage:

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