Elite: Dangerous coming to PS4 after Xbox One

Elite: Dangerous is headed to consoles first on Xbox One, but it's not going to stay exclusive there for too long. Frontier Developments boss David Braben has clarified that the massively multiplayer space sim is only a timed exclusive on Xbox One.

Frontier and Microsoft announced yesterday that Elite: Dangerous would arrive on Xbox One later this year, complete with several of the post-release updates that have expanded the PC version since its official release in December.

Braben told a fan via Twitter that, aside from PC and Xbox One, the game is headed to Mac first. Other platforms, including PS4, will be supported 'down the line' - it is indeed another one of those grumble-provoking timed exclusives.

Exclusivity aside, given how well Elite: Dangerous has been received by Oculus Rift users, I can only hope that Frontier's giving some serious thought to Project Morpheus. Virtual reality and first-person space sims are the peanut butter and chocolate.

Connor Sheridan

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