The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom leaks ahead of Xbox showcase

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online has leaked ahead of an official reveal.

Earlier today on January 25, a Reddit user noticed that IGN had uploaded a new video for today's forthcoming Xbox Developer Direct presentation. However, the thumbnail image for the video depicted something called The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, and revealed today was to be the global reveal event for the game.

Now, at the time of writing, IGN has changed the YouTube thumbnail for the video, and it no longer names "Necrom." That wasn't enough to stop one Reddit user from taking a screenshot of the video though.

According to the Reddit user that originally noticed this misstep, the new Necrom expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online will feature the new Arcanist class, in addition to the "Arcanist-power-wielding Redguard and Argonian Warden Companions" for players to journey with.

Necrom will also apparently see us heading to Morrowind, to the explore Telvanni Peninsula, home to the city of Necrom. The plot of the new expansion will seemingly revolve around a Daedric Prince of Fate, and Hermaeus Mora's weird and wild realm of Apocrypha.

The Xbox Developer Direct is due to kick off later today on January 25, at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. ET. Earlier this week, an Xbox exec attempted to temper expectations for the showcase, stating fans shouldn't expect anything more aside from Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends to be present.

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